Ayik+Berto Dental Specialists (“Ayik+Berto”) is a dentist-founded and led Dental Services Organization (“DSO”). This means that the business and administrative decisions contemplated are approached with clinical excellence in mind. Therefore, the professional management team of Ayik+Berto collaborates regularly with the DSO’s dentists to reach balanced business and clinical decisions to guide the organization.

As a result, Ayik+Berto has established a Clinical Board comprised of providers from a cross-section of the organization’s practice locations. The Clinical Board’s primary function is setting clinical policies for the organization, monitoring the organization’s clinical operations and outcomes, as well as representing the organization to the public and professional communities that Ayik+Berto serves. Board members provide an additional conduit for timely organizational communication to the organization.

The Board is encouraged to actively participate in the clinical decision-making—researching and discussing issues, staying informed about the specialized dental sector in which the organization operates—thereby ensuring that clinical decisions are consistent with the organization’s mission, vision and values.

Currently, the Ayik+Berto Dental Specialists Clinical Board is composed of the following individuals:

Alejandro Rios, DDS

Dallas, TX

Dr. Antonio Berto, D.D.S.
Chief Dental Officer

Dallas, TX

Hedley Rakusin, DDS
Special Advisor to the Board

Dallas, TX

Joy Field, DDS

Plano, TX

Karla Bishop, DDS

Duncanville, TX

Dr. Murat Ayik, D.D.S.

Dallas, TX

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