Ashley Smith, Director of Clinical Operations*

Ashley Smith is the Director of Clinical Operations for Ayik+Berto Dental Specialists with over 14 years of dental industry experience. Ms. Smith began her career as a licensed Registerd Dental Assistant (“RDA”) in 2006 with a general dentist – ultimately progressing to Lead Assistant. From this base of general dentistry experience, Ashley transitioned to an RDA role with The Endodontic Group, Inc. (“TEGI”) where she spent 11 years working chairside with a group of endodontists in Frisco and in Dallas, Texas. In her tenure with TEGI, Ashley expanded her role to Clinical Coordinator where she managed all RDA policies and procedures, dental supply ordering and management, as well as OSHA compliance and reporting. Accordingly, Ashley served on the transition team that lead the integration of TEGI during its sale to Ayik+Berto in 2019.

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