Meghan Bateman, VP, Human Resources

Mrs. Bateman is the Vice President of Human Resources for Ayik + Berto. Meghan brings more than 15 years of personnel management, manpower recruiting and hiring, as well as human resources management within the dental sector in direct support of dental practice management and growth strategies.

Meghan began her career in sports medicine, working with one of the largest sports medicine practices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, which exclusively supports the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys football organization. Leveraging this specialty practice experience, Meghan made the natural transition to the dental sector with a multi-location, multi-provider Endodontic specialty practice in Dallas, Texas.

Her tenure with The Endodontic Group, Inc. (“TEGI”) involved extensive training and implementation of customer service processes and procedures, inculcating a “patient-first experience” and flow, managing patient accounts, streamlining collection procedures, as well as developing the onboarding procedures for new staff. Meghan then supported all aspects of transition and integration when TEGI was acquired by Ayik+Berto Dental Specialists in 2019. Mrs. Bateman holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, with a specialization in Sports Management, from Texas A&M University.

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