Sudden toothaches are some of the most commonly cited reasons for trips to the dentist. However, if a patient needs a root canal, a dentist in Plano will likely refer them to an endodontist like Ayik + Berto Dental Specialists. Whenever you need root canal treatment to treat a toothache, it is essential to choose a root canal dentist in Plano with solid experience performing delicate endodontic procedures.

Root canals are often misunderstood. Unfortunately, the negative misconceptions surrounding the root canal procedure cause many dental patients throughout the US to feel stress and anxiety about a very safe, straightforward, and effective endodontic procedure. At Ayik + Berto Dental Specialists, we understand how difficult it can be to accept the need to see a root canal dentist in Plano. We want to provide as much information about the procedure as possible to help you feel more confident and informed about your dental treatment options.

What Is the Purpose of a Root Canal?

Whenever a tooth becomes damaged or infected internally, it is only a matter of time before the damage or decay starts to affect the rest of the tooth and eventually the adjacent teeth. Once the nerve tissue or “pulp” inside the tooth becomes exposed to bacteria due to decay or physical trauma, the pulp must be removed to prevent further damage.

Inside the tooth is the root that connects the tooth structure to the jaw, and this root contains many canals or passages that enable blood to flow through the tooth pulp. A root canal aims to clean these passages and remove decayed and damaged tissue from inside the tooth. This procedure eliminates the patient’s dental pain without the need to have the tooth extracted. 

How Does a Root Canal Protect a Damaged Tooth?

Once the damaged and decayed tissue has been cleaned out from inside a compromised tooth, the next phase of the root canal procedure involves careful placement of biocompatible dental material inside the recess left within the tooth. This material hardens and prevents further bacterial intrusion.

Unfortunately, once damaged tooth pulp is removed, the tooth can no longer naturally produce dentin, which supports the outer layer of tooth enamel. Tooth pulp generates dentin, and the tooth will be more brittle following a root canal procedure. Your root canal dentist in Plano will help you make an appointment with a dentist to place a crown to protect the enamel from future damage.

Does a Root Canal Kill the Treated Tooth?

A root canal treatment may remove tooth pulp and prevent the treated tooth from naturally producing dentin, thereby making it more brittle, but it will not “kill” a tooth. In most cases, root canal treatment is the only available option to preserve a damaged tooth before being extracted to prevent further dental pain. Root canal procedures can also encourage damaged periodontal ligaments, the tissues that hold tooth roots in place in the jaw, to reattach when damage and decay have pushed teeth out of their proper positions.

What Happens After a Root Canal?

Your root canal dentist in Plano can provide clear aftercare instructions and follow-up treatment after completing your root canal procedure. It is important for root canal patients to remember that this treatment extends the lifespan of a damaged tooth and can eliminates the need for extraction. Most teeth treated with root canal procedures will never need additional treatment.

Why Should I Choose an Endodontist?

Most typical dental offices do not provide endodontic treatment and instead refer patients to local endodontists. When you see an experienced root canal dentist in Plano offering endodontic treatment, the provider handling your procedure will be thoroughly experienced in treating the interior of your teeth. If you choose Ayik + Berto Dental Specialists to handle your root canal procedure, you can expect a compassionate and detail-oriented endodontic treatment that puts your comfort and dental health first.

If you have been experiencing dental pain in Plano and are unsure what to do about it, a typical dentist may not be able to provide the treatment you need. The endodontic treatment team at Ayik + Berto Dental Specialists is ready to serve as your root canal dentists in Plano. Contact Ayik + Berto Dental Specialists today to learn more about our root canal treatment services and what to expect from your experience at our treatment center in Plano, TX.

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