Root canal treatment is one of the most commonly misunderstood dental care options. When individuals realize they need to see a root canal dentist in Mansfield, it’s natural for them to dread the experience due to the negative misconceptions that persist over root canal procedures. The reality is that when you need a root canal, a dentist in Mansfield is likely to refer you to an endodontic specialist like Ayik + Berto Endodontics Mansfield.

What Is the Point of a Root Canal?

Human teeth can sustain serious damage from physical trauma, and there are many ways for the interior tissues of a tooth to become diseased or decayed. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, and other factors can lead to tooth pulp decay and damage. Once the nerve pulp inside a tooth becomes exposed to bacteria, it is only a matter of time before it begins to decay and break down the rest of the tooth structure from within.

A root canal strives to clear out the damaged and decayed tissue from inside of the tooth before it has a chance to destroy it completely. While this process is notorious for being painful and uncomfortable, experienced root canal dentists in Mansfield, like the team at Ayik + Berto Endodontics Mansfield, can provide effective root canal treatment while minimizing patient discomfort using the latest tools and techniques.

What Happens After a Root Canal?

Some people mistakenly believe that the root canal procedure “kills” a tooth, rendering it effectively inert and maintaining it solely for basic functionality. This is not exactly true. The root canal process removes decayed or damaged tooth nerve pulp, and this pulp generates new dentin to support the tooth’s outer layer of enamel. Once the pulp has been removed, it cannot generate new dentin. This causes the tooth to become brittle, but a root canal dentist in Mansfield can account for this with crown placement.

A crown is essentially a cap, shaped to resemble a natural tooth. After filling the interior cavity left by the removed pulp with a biocompatible material, a crown will effectively seal the treated tooth and protect it. This fixture adheres in place over the tooth treated with the root canal procedure to prevent further damage to the tooth’s internal structure.

Is a Root Canal a Permanent Fix?

Root canal procedures can eliminate dental pain caused by damaged and decayed tooth pulp. A properly executed root canal with thorough aftercare can potentially extend the lifespan of a decayed or damaged tooth by years. However, the tooth will be more vulnerable to pressure and chipping following a root canal. The placement of the dental crown to protect the tooth’s enamel can enhance the durability of a tooth treated with a root canal procedure, and most teeth treated by root canal procedures can last about a decade before further treatment is required.

Aftercare for a Root Canal

Root canal procedures typically do not take very long to complete. While the patient will likely experience some pain as they recover, this is usually mild and subsides within a few days. After your root canal is complete, your root canal dentist in Mansfield will provide individualized aftercare instructions to ensure the procedure is as effective as possible. Good oral hygiene according to your care team’s instructions is the best method of ensuring your root canal serves its intended purpose.

Why Do I Need to See an Endodontist?

When a patient needs a root canal, a dentist in Mansfield can refer them to an endodontics team with the specialized training to handle this type of procedure. A root canal is a periodontal procedure, which is quite different from conventional dental care. It’s vital to seek root canal treatment from an experienced endodontic care team like Ayik + Berto Endodontics Mansfield.

We strive to ensure the safest and most effective root canal treatment possible for every patient we see. Our team understands the reservations many people have about needing root canal procedures and do everything we can to minimize patient discomfort whenever possible. When you choose Ayik + Berto Endodontics Mansfield, you will receive the highest quality endodontic treatment for your root canal procedure and detailed instructions to ensure it is as effective and long-lasting as possible. Contact Ayik + Berto Endodontics Mansfield for more information about what to expect from your root canal procedure.

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