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At the Plano location of Ayik + Berto Endodontics, formerly known as Field Endodontics, our endodontics clinic has a simple goal – provide you with exceptional care and treatment to relieve your pain and restore your smile. Not only do we utilize the most advanced dental technologies available today, we monitor every patient carefully during our procedures and treatments. If a patient comes to us with a cracked tooth, tooth sensitivity, or a traumatic dental injury, we know they need the relief that only an endodontist in Plano can provide.


With today’s advanced dental technologies, Ayik + Berto Endodontics Plano formerly known as Field Endodontics is able to preserve your natural teeth. We work carefully to alleviate the patient’s anxiety and stress attributed to visiting the dentist, thereby ensuring that they have a more pleasant experience when coming to our practice for any of the following endodontic procedures and treatments:

  • Adult / special needs
  • Apicoectomy
  • Cracked teeth
  • Dental procedures for children
  • Imaging
  • Microscopic surgery
  • Patient comfort
  • Root canal retreatment
  • Root canal therapy
  • Traumatic dental injuries

By diagnosing your pain using some of the state-of-art technology enhanced diagnostic equipment and identifying the source of it, our endodontists team in Plano can address any issues that relate to the dental pulp and inner structures of your teeth. Our procedures and treatment focus on saving your teeth by healing and repairing them from the inside out. We understand that you are in pain and we ensure that when you walk out of our clinic, you feel better.

To learn more about relieving your pain, restoring your smile, and revitalizing your teeth, contact us and schedule an appointment with one of our endodontist team members in Plano. We are available for the emergency care of patients living in Plano, The Colony, and Carrollton. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


The Ayik + Berto Endodontics Plano team offers experience from a rich educational background in dentistry and endodontics. Each one of our doctors brings a unique perspective and valuable experience to our practice. The doctors at Ayik + Berto Endodontics have extensive experience with all manners of endodontic conditions and will work to save your natural teeth. They use the latest tools and technology to diagnose and treat patients. Whether you visit Ayik + Berto Endodontics directly or are referred from a general dentist, you can rest assured that you will get the care you need.

Dr. Joy Field

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Dr. Shira Ackerman

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”Field Endodontics came very highly recommended by my dentist. His recommendation was spot on. The staff was incredibly kind and helpful, the office was meticulously clean, and my doctor (Dr. Sugna) was incredibly nice, professional, and thorough. I left the office after getting my root canal knowing I picked the right place. I would recommend them to anybody.”

Ryan U.

“Nothing short of a good experience at Field Endodontics! The staff was welcoming and very considerate of my needs. The endodontists that work here, do their best to be flexible with scheduling and pull through when it comes to emergency patients. I was treated with patience and kindness throughout my visit and am very grateful to have been able to visit an office like theirs.”

Aubrey G.

“The whole staff is wonderful while having a very welcoming environment! I will definitely be using Field Endodontics for any future treatments!”

Nicole C.

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