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At Ayik + Berto Endodontics, we understand that many patients have reservations about dental care. While it’s normal to be anxious, we will work with you to make the experience as comfortable as possible. We believe in providing the best patient experiences during every appointment. Whether you come to Ayik + Berto Endodontics directly or receive a referral from your general dentist, you can expect professionalism and compassion.

Our practice not only has a skilled and experienced team, we’ve invested in advanced technology and imaging systems to ensure optimal care. The endodontists at our Highland Park practice have more than 20 years of combined experience to provide the most comfortable endodontic care possible. If your dentist refers you to Ayik + Berto Endodontics, our team will coordinate with your dentist’s office to ensure the best possible outcome.


The Ayik + Berto Endodontics Plano team offers experience from a rich educational background in dentistry and endodontics. Each one of our doctors brings a unique perspective and valuable experience to our practice. The doctors at Ayik + Berto Endodontics have extensive experience with all manners of endodontic conditions and will work to save your natural teeth. They use the latest tools and technology to diagnose and treat patients. Whether you visit Ayik + Berto Endodontics directly or are referred from a general dentist, you can rest assured that you will get the care you need.

Dr. Joy Field

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Dr. Sunga

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”Field Endodontics came very highly recommended by my dentist. His recommendation was spot on. The staff was incredibly kind and helpful, the office was meticulously clean, and my doctor (Dr. Sugna) was incredibly nice, professional, and thorough. I left the office after getting my root canal knowing I picked the right place. I would recommend them to anybody.”

Ryan U.

“Nothing short of a good experience at Field Endodontics! The staff was welcoming and very considerate of my needs. The endodontists that work here, do their best to be flexible with scheduling and pull through when it comes to emergency patients. I was treated with patience and kindness throughout my visit and am very grateful to have been able to visit an office like theirs.”

Aubrey G.

“The whole staff is wonderful while having a very welcoming environment! I will definitely be using Field Endodontics for any future treatments!”

Nicole C.

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