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Dental Treatment for Children

At Ayik + Berto, our team will do everything we can to make their kids as comfortable as possible during every phase of treatment.

Whether a child needs endodontic treatment to address a damaged baby tooth or to save a damaged permanent tooth, Ayik + Berto has the experience, equipment, and skill to handle the situation with professionalism and compassion. We provide a range of amenities for our pediatric patients. They can watch cartoons while they undergo their treatments, and parents are welcome to bring small toys and books from home to help them feel at ease during their appointments in our office.

Every member of the Ayik + Berto team has completed special training to handle our pediatric patients’ sensitive needs. Just like any other patient, our team will work closely with our pediatric patients’ parents to coordinate follow-up and restorative care with their pediatric general dentists to ensure a full continuum of endodontic care.


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