Referring Doctors

The Added Value of Us to Your Patients

Most general dentists offer a full range of dental treatments and routine dental care, but they may not have the training or equipment to handle more advanced endodontic procedures. At Ayik + Berto, we specialize in this level of treatment and can offer your patients a full range of endodontic care; reappointing the patient back to your office for restorative treatment.

We stand by the quality of our work and our commitment to customer service, so you can be sure your patients’ experiences at our treatment center will lead to higher retention rates for your practice and greater overall patient satisfaction. We will refer your patients back to you for restorative treatment, creating a mutually beneficial cycle of patient care that benefits your practice and ours.

The team at Ayik + Berto can also act in an advisory role if required, just contact our staff for more information.


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