Referring Doctors

Why Refer?

All Ayik+Berto dental practices have advanced equipment and a full staff of certified endodontists who are available to assist you and your patients with endodontic care. When you refer your patients to an Ayik+Berto dental practice, you can take comfort in knowing that we will partner with you to improve your patients’ outcomes, and lightening the in-house burden of your dental practice.
The referral process is straightforward and simple utilizing the online doctor portal. We want to feel like an extension of your office and will keep you informed of your patients’ progress with our treatments and we provide you with a procedural report after every referral within 24 hours of treatment. We will also work to help reappoint your patient back to your office so you can easily resume treatment with restorative care. Referring allows your practice to serve a wider range of patients, streamlines patient care, and ultimately improves patient experiences. Better patient outcomes mean higher patient retention rates and overall higher performance for your dental practice.

How to Refer

Referring your patients to any Ayik+Berto dental practice is simple. Use our intuitive online referral form to submit a patient’s referral to our online system. We understand that trust and security are top concerns for the dentists we assist, so rest assured that any patient data you submit to our practice will be closely guarded in a HIPPA secure network. We can also coordinate with your staff to discuss specific details of a patient’s condition or to review individual cases thoroughly in advance.


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